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Points of Interest

As you drive up the lane to the club you will cross from England into Wales approximately 200 yards before entering the course.

As pointed out elsewhere, fifteen holes are in Wales and three in England. The fifteen in Wales coincide, mostly, with the boundaries of a pre-historic hill-fort.

4th The "signature" hole - "Drive in Wales – Putt in England". As you leave the tee you will leave the hill-fort and, also, cross the border into England, as you descend the banks and ditches of the ancient fortification.

5th The area between the 5th fairway and 6th green is where Pant F. C. used to play its home matches. It is also reputed to be where Caradoc (Caractacus) fought the Romans, 2,000 years ago! Play up the banks and ditches to the green. You are now back within hill-fort. However, for some unknown reason, the modern border does not at this point follow the boundary of the hill-fort. You are, therefore, still in England.

7th On your way to the 7th tee, stop and admire the craftsmanship in the sign which says “Croeso I Gymru” (Welcome to Wales!)

8th At the back of the 8th tee is the “Ogof” (Welsh for cave). It is, in fact, an old copper mine which was worked from the Bronze Age until the 19th Century.

9th – Look out for “Woosnam’s Ridge” which a young Ian could reach with his drive at the age of fourteen! (295 yards!)

11th – From the tee look for the Radio Telescope at Kinnerley. Stop at the Ordnance Survey “Trig” point to the right of the crest of the fairway and admire the breathtaking views. Look to the South-east and spot Rodney’s Pillar named after George Brydges Rodney, 1st Baron Rodney (scourge of the French!).

12th – Walk to the back of the tee (but not too far!) to admire yet more amazing views and spend a few minutes looking at the “Toposcope”. Can you spot the “Woosie Connection”? A clue - 286 degrees!

See if you can beat the SIX that he took on this hole when setting a course record, in 1983. A record which stood for 24 years!

14th – “Arthur’s Arboretum” needs some explaining. “Arthur” is reputed to have “borrowed” saplings from every piece of woodland that he visited and transplanted them here! Offa’s dyke runs all along the left of the fairway.  Take a look even if you haven’t lost (yet another!) ball in there.

 15th - Should you hit your approach shot (ladies tee shot) into the hollow to the right of the green, curse the ancient Britons who dug out this quarry!

16th – Whilst waiting on the tee admire the views over the course and beyond to the Shropshire Plain.

18th – Look to the right of the green and see if you can spot the giant’s face in the rocks above Llanymynech Nature Reserve.