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The Woosnam Family

    The family connection with Llanymynech Golf Club goes back to a spring day in 1965 when Harold Woosnam and his wife, Joan, took their 7 year old son, Ian, up the hill as Llanymynech golf course is, affectionately, known.

    Harold had realised, now that his soccer playing days were over, that he missed his involvement in sport and decided that golf was something that he, and his family, could enjoy together. Friends advised him that, due to the friendly atmosphere, Llanymynech Golf Club would be the place to go. Thus began a long association with the club that endures to this day. Harold and Joan joined as full members while little Ian became a Junior member. Ian quickly made friends with a boy 5 years his senior. That boy was Andy Griffiths who since 1972 has been the club professional.

    In 1971 Joan was elected Ladies' Captain. Two years later, Harold became Club Captain. Their photographs can be seen in the club dining room alongside the other former Captains.





Also on view is this photo of a very young Ian and a tribute to his success as the European Ryder Cup Captain in 2006.





Prior to the Ryder Cup being held at Celtic Manor, the trophy itself went on a journey to a few selected golf clubs throughout Wales. It arrived, spectacularly, at Llanymynech, on 31st May 2008.



The helicopter with its precious "cargo" lands at Llanymynech.




    Andy Griffiths & Joan Woosnam


 “It’s this putt to win the Masters”. How many times had I said those words before? Probably, a thousand and one times, as a scraggy lad stooping over my ball on the deserted, windswept 18th green at Llanymynech Golf Club. Now on 14th April 1991, this was the putt of my wildest dreams".

"WOOSIE My Autobiography" published by CollinsWillow.


Having recently watched the replay of this event many times, it became obvious that this photo was taken before the ball reached the hole. He knew it was going in!